1 September is a special day. In 1939, after a fabricated border incursion, the Wehrmacht of The Third Reich invaded Poland. The World has never been the same since that day eighty years ago. For your homework, read the W H Auden poem, September 1, 1939. He summarizes that time better than anyone else.

Rather than a post about World War II, I will move on to today. I went to Mass at 830 AM. I was awake then. I could make no promises for later. The Mass is about The True Presence of Our Lord. Father JDR made the point that Christ accepts us as we are, that we are made for eternity with God. We are neither as bad nor as good as we think ourselves to be. End of Homily, or at least my take on it.

After Mass I went to the newly opened Publix in a shopping center about midway between Church and home. The Publix people tore down an existing grocery store structure and built exactly what they wanted. It is a nice store. I bought the makings for ratatouille which I did not have on hand, egg plant, onion. green pepper, some nice canned tomatoes from Italy. I had mushrooms, garlic and zucchini at home.

They were very nice and helpful, as they always are. The young woman who helped take my groceries to my vehicle was one of several staff members who made me feel welcome. I told her this store is built on the site of an A & P,(remember them?) that operated here sixty years ago, near the house where we lived from 1962 to 1974. On balance, fond memories.

I prepped the vegetables and the ratatouille cooks as I write. I am awash with powerful sexual feelings. When I cook I feel creative and therefore sexual. I await J’s return from work, with her bronchitis, need to rest, and her repressed sexuality. But, I will be glad to see her. No matter the circumstances.