Today is my sister’s birthday. I sent her a text. She was happy with that. I bought a schmaltzich Geburtstag Karte. She should like that when I mail it to her.

I went to BJ’s and bought lots of crap. Less than last month, but still it is all stuff I know I will use.

I have to make J iced tea. That is completed. I was low on white sugar so I used a little turbinado to augment the sweetening to her preferred level. I bought a $4.99 rotisserie chicken for dinner, that I served with squash onions and tomatoes. Yummy.

Now I am sitting in my chair, exhausted. I stayed busy when I wasn’t sleeping.

Today is the Feast Day of Blessed Solanus Casey, a modern saint of the Twentieth Century. He had the charism of healing and the gift of comforting the dying. He was a spiritual giant of his time, like St. Padre Pio. I learned this listening to the Mass on EWTN. It was one of those beautiful coincidences where I just happened upon this Mass.

Now I am watching a show about the Polish Republic in its early days around 1920.

Getting tired. Happy and satisfied.

Nite all.