The freight traffic is heavy this morning. I have been sitting for half an hour and three freight trains, two Northbound, one Southbound have passed by. One of those Northbound passes now, hauling nothing but empty coal cars.

I feel better emotionally than I have the past few days. C, #2 son, is coming for lunch at our new favorite Indian restaurant, Anohka. I told him to bring his swimsuit, so we can hang out later at the community pool.

I take advantage of this technologically sophisticated world at every opportunity. But could I walk away? I would like to see if I could live “unplugged” and without a motor vehicle in exactly the place I live right now. I could lose much. For example driving to Daily Mass at the Abbey seven miles away is important to my routine. I could walk to the Nine AM Mass at St Mary’s Church. It is on the way to the Y. Then I could swim after Mass

I could get a fancy adult size tricycle bike. The large basket would be perfect for grocery shopping. The grocery store is less than a mile away. The nice produce market is about four miles.

What’s the saying? “We don’t own our things. Our things own us.” Unfortunately true.