We did go buy peaches in the mountains. We found the nearest convenient mountain with a peach orchard, Carter’s Mountain Orchard.

It is on the East side of Charlottesville,very close to where famous slaveholding, political philosopher, architect, and Dead White Man Thomas Jefferson built his residence, the architectural gem, Monticello. I took a picture of Charlottesville and, if you know what to look for and where to look, you can see the dome of the Rotunda, another Jeffersonian desugn.

The peaches are great. We bought some corn, squash and cucumbers too. This orchard offers a “pick your own” option that we did not exercise. Had we three or four children to wear out, we would have picked our own, actually had them do the picking.

On the other hand, Charlottesville is a gigantic blob of sprawl spread across Rte 29 for about 20 miles. Yuck.