I’ve spent my life aspiring to be one of the “smart people”. I went to school to apply whatever intelligence I had into an income-producing asset.

Then Jeffrey Epstein came along. He was a really smart guy. And used his smarts to get rich, gain influence, make powerful friends and rape as many postpubescent teenage girls as he possibly could.

And the entire world of the New York and Hollywood cultural, political and financial elites has been put under scrutiny. This coincides with the examination and reassessment of the goals of globalism. Suddenly more and more people are seeing their political and personal autonomy eroded by institutions like the European Union, by free trade agreements that destroy their livelihood and their dignity.

And the elitist talking heads are finally being challenged. Brexit. The Trump Election, the Yellow Vests, the collapse of Angela Merkel. I could go on.

Culture, finance, politics are all providentially, I would argue, being challenged. Great time to be alive. Glad I made it this far.