The Great American Fear: 😱

Will I have enough?!?!?!? Oh. My. God. What if I run 🏃 out?

This hit me today, more than usual, as I was counting my spare change in order to go buy ice cream. (Nothing odd in that behavior. No Sir-ree).

Well, I walked back from that ledge, did a quick mental inventory of all the stuff I did have, and determined I had more than enough food, coffee, tea, and seltzer to last through Wednesday when I get my Social Security deposit again.

But the salesmen, advertisers, and the hustlers in general, nearly set a hook in me.

I ended up fixing Greek yogurt with banana, 🍌 some malt, and a squirt of Fox’s U-bet Chocolate Syrup. And it was good. Real good.

I fixed black beans for tomorrow. I made a fresh tomato sandwich on Good Bread, toasted, with a liberal amount of good mayonnaise. (Hellmann’s or Best Foods. Duke’s is a highly regarded local brand.)

I slept til noon today, because I can and also because I was tired. After the usual non-vocal mental self-flagellation and self-criticism for being lazy, I finally got the message that this stuck phase might have a purpose, that there is a lesson to be learned.

Maybe I need to write about being stuck. And taking stock. And observing what is not working in my life and what is working. For example, I have a marriage that is a full-on “till death do us part” proposition. Everything extra needs to be built on that foundation.

Bear in mind, that these tech moguls, Beezos, Zuckerberg, etc. are in this game to get in your head. Repeat GET. IN. YOUR. HEAD. At first blush, just to sell you stuff, or sell your digital data to somebody else. But the real creeps, like Elon Musk, want to literally get in your head, with Artificial Intelligence eventually accessing, and controlling the neural transmitters in your brain.

If you want to have trouble sleeping tonight, consider that Pervert Of The Year, Jeffery Epstein, was funding research on AI and its interaction with the brain on the level of the synapses. I know. He’s just another eccentric philanthropist.

Hey. Tiffany, it’s time for my back rub.”

So, just a tip. Unplug, at least, for a little while. Get in touch with a Higher Power, that inspires you to love and serve others more than yourself. That High Power doesn’t have to be God, as Christians define God. Or Jews. Or Muslims. Just consider the collective wisdom of the Universe that wants children and old people safe. Maybe just acknowledge that there is Evil out there. As in Auschwitz or Hiroshima or Jonestown. And live to prevent such horrors from happening again.