I have to get my keester out of the leather recliner and do something. I know. I know. Dave version 68.2 is not loading properly. Could be a hardware problem. I pretty sure my Motherboard has been defective since it came from the factory.. So I have had to come up with work arounds again and again.

I believe in the therapeutic value of Popeye. The cartoons always set me straight. Just the music is delightful on its own. So Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, and Wimpy are here providing intensive therapy.

On the pornography front, I watched two women, 40ish, full-figured, and naked, make love/have sex with each other on video, just 2 people connecting, beyond the mere physical sense of the word. To some people, it’s perverse and twisted, both the performance of the act and the digital recording of said act. Then again, I aspire for that sexual love with my wife. I guess you have to not give a fuck, to fuck. Ya know what I mean?

I’ve watched trains today, been to the periodontist for him to check the holes in my jaw he created, had a nap, early dinner, and a digital voyeuristic experience. My friend texted me about the crappy bus service in town. J is watching The Bachelorette. What can I say?

Now I am posting. I know all the moves in the self-help dance. And I’m a wallflower.