The bed was nice, but I got out of bed and showered, shampooed my hair, shaved the parts of my face and neck where I don’t want hair.

I looked at enough video porn to know that this is not what I want to watch, soul-less cartoon copulators, who have sex devoid of any real intimacy. I’m going to say that porn is popular because it epitomizes our culture. We may love it or hate it but it is the reflection in the mirror. Those who hate porn are so hungry for the love it mocks.

Now I’m trainspotting, still in the daze I felt when I awoke. I just saw the bicycling crossdresser pedal by. Now a bunch of SUV’s all seem to be looking for parking places simultaneously.

Earlier this morning, I was watching some Russian Orthodox Liturgy, mostly a lot of singing. That’s what I want. Choirs are at the heart of Russia, as they are in Wales, and much of Africa. American choirs are hit or miss.

J is at work. And I miss her.

I’m sleepy again, but I made the bed.