I was thinking how my attitude sucked. It still sucks. I don’t want to do much. I’m getting a couple of small fillings tomorrow and a crown re-cemented. My dental issues are negligible. My teeth are healthy now that we dealt with the issues of #18 and #31. I don’t know if we will do implants where the old teeth were.

I was re-reading a favorite lesbian erotic novel Behrouz Gets Lucky by Avery Cassell (Cleis 2016). Cassell is a good storyteller, with detail to setting the scene, citing the smells of sandalwood soap and foods, the colours and textures of fabrics. She wakes me up, as it were.

I’m watching Martin Zero on YouTube walk about Manchester, England. Reminds me of Richmond in the older areas, lots of brick and granite work. He loves his city. I’m inspired to walk about Richmond. I used to walk about Richmond when my mentor and Second Father Bill R was alive. He loved to go exploring, much the same way Martin and Nicola White, of Tideline Art go exploring. Nicola is a “mudlark”, pulling little treasures out of the Thames mud at low tide.

Mostly my sexual desire has been on the same simmer for what seems like twelve years. J is perpetually tired, or has one complaint or another. I feel defeated, neglected. I say all kinds of off-the-wall stuff, just to say stuff, which kind of embellishes my reputation as an eccentric.

So after the dentist tomorrow, I’m putting out Dave version 68.2. Time to get out of this funk.

Gotta do some laundry.