Those of us of a certain age will remember how the local drag strip promoted their lineup of Sunday races. Sorry to disappoint but this post has nothing to do with either automobiles or crossdressers racing. It is simply about my Sunday so far.

I decided to go to the 8:30 AM Mass, since I was awake and had no idea how I would feel later in the day.

This was the first Sunday in the parish for our new priest, Father John David. He seems like a good priest, a quiet, soft spoken man who gave a thoughtful homily about the Mass itself. His approach to The Sacred Liturgy emphasizes traditional settings, no guitars or “hootenanny” service music and hymns.

A friend told me that I looked like I was in pain. I was in pain, so I got home and lay down as soon as I could.

Now after a nap, all that “holiness” from the Mass has worn off and I feel lazy and lustful again, my usual operational state.

I’m trainspotting, reading blogs, waiting for J to get back home. She went to lunch with a friend. I need more coffee and probably a real meal.