NSFW. Erotic Fantasy. Move along, if under 18.

For Mrs McDaddy

Nothing special about today, I guess. Her lunch is packed. L took her shower, dressed in her store T-shirt and jeans, brushed her teeth with the fancy electric toothbrush. She sort of kissed me, told me to be a “good boy”, and went to work.

I must admit I was a “good boy”. I did not torture small animals. I picked up pet waste left by an inconsiderate neighbour and took out the garbage. But I did masturbate into her soiled panties before I laundered them. And a prodigious load it was, I must confess.

Oh well, another mortal sin, another sacreligious Holy Communion if I ever bother to go to Mass again, let alone Confession. But I digress..

Housekeeping can be pretty damn boring. And certain activities are just plain destructive. Don’t watch television, avoid social media. Just clean and be done with it. So the day went. Until….

As I made the bed, I noticed her book,the one she read in between watching some show about a single mom stalked by a serial killer who works at her daughter’s day care center. Something like that. The book had a plain cover. The title, Where Angela Fears To Tread. , seemed incongruous from her usual selections of Pat Conroy, Maeve Binchey, Patricia Cornwell.

There was the page she had dog-eared. I could not help but look and read.

“So Angie, you have again neglected your duties at the Manor in order to amuse yourself, by frigging your clit like a parlor maid. What have you to say before you are chastised?”

“Sir there is no excuse. My urges are my Mistress, and, I fear my ruin, unless they are corrected by the sternest of courses .”

“Then we should begin. Fetch the strap. Remove your skirt. Lower your drawers. Present yourself to me.

That was all I needed to read. Somehow I had been reading L with complete inaccuracy. She had a certain need, a need I had not seen, nor prepared myself to deliver.

How could I shift gears, to move from housekeeper to Master Of The House?