Got up. Turned on TV. Fixed J’s lunch. Watched Amtrak #98 Northbound Silver Meteor pass through Ashland on the way to New York. Turned to Cricket New Zealand vs Pakistan.

Decided to buy baked goods. Left home for store but went to Mass first. The priest is from Uganda, so understanding him in room with terrible acoustics is sketchy. But, hey, I went to Mass.

I did go to the store, bought lots of fruit. I came home, put the groceries away, then went to AA. I was getting sleepy. My friend Colette was there with her dog.* The dog is very sweet. He is an Italian hunting dog, a spinone. (Look breed up) He is gorgeous and sweet. He licked my face. 🌟. Went to another store to buy J the chocolate mini croissants she likes.

I came home, had a cat nap. The I went to the dentist. He told me teeth #31 and #18, far lower molars, need to come out, because keeping them clean has become increasingly difficult. We want to avoid risk of infection to jaw bone.

Made appointment for periodontist to extract them.

Went to dinner, had street tacos, carnitas. They were good.

Came home. Realizing I’d been struggling through day on 3-4 hours sleep, I fell asleep. I woke up after 2 hour nap. I am watching the British couple who trek around Britain looking for abandoned railway stations or the sites where they once stood. Very nice engaging couple.

Now I have to get sleepy again, real fast.

*Colette, who looks like Julia Roberts, has a penchant for finding off-the-wall dog breeds. Her last dog was a catahoula, a Cajun hound dog. New words today: spinone catahoula