So I’m sitting here watching Nicola White of Tideline Art go Mudlarking in the Thames tidal flats. She enjoys rooting about in the mud and conveys that enjoyment skilfully.

C, my younger son, took me to an Indian restaurant. The curries were spicy and flavorful He ordered lamb, I ordered goat. We both preferred goat. The dessert was a mango pudding, more of a custard that was the perfect dessert. My late brother Charlie studied Indian languages, so we both fondly remembered him whilst we ate.

I spoke with R, my elder son, when we got home. He wished me Happy Father’s Day, told me he was sick, and we would get together later.

Then C and I watch the rest of the India vs Pakistan ODI, which India won.

So with Nicola showing her tidal treasures, I bid you all Adieu.