It is Whitsunday, the Solemnity of the Holy Spirit. The chant Veni Creator Spititus is chanted on this Sunday, if you are fortunate enough to attend a parish that still does chant. I was not Catholic at the time of Vatican II. The Latin Mass was the rule. Now the novus ordo Mass rules the day. One can attend Mass and not hear a word of Latin.

There is an AA meeting in town where the ongoing topic is “How is God working in my life.” As a Christian and Catholic, it is easy to understand this topic to be about the working of The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of The Most Holy Trinity. It is depicted as the dove descending.

As I write, I am watching India vs Australia in the World Cup competition from London. The British Empire lives on, in spirit, at the very least. Both sides have extraordinarily talented cricketers. The tranquility we see on this sunny day is in contrast to the turmoil Britain faced seventy five years ago.

And so this game, as trivial as it is, is testimony to the human yearnings for freedom and of peace, desires that the vanquished of that time held in disdain.

The Holy Spirit at work?