fell off.

I had such big plans for today. I was going to swim so that I hit my target of five days out of seven. First I went to pay the homeowners’ association monthly assessment. Then I went to AA. At AA I realized I was tired, in pain and wanted to go home at sleep.

Cricket looked like a complete washout today. That happens.

There is a bunch of D-Day commemorative stuff in my “recommended” YouTube feed. Most of the shows I had already seen. I did learn that the German machine gun, so advanced for its time, had such a high rate of fire that the barrels would melt if not changed out.

J is home. She worked earlier today. She is watching Little House On The Prairie. We may go out for dinner (Mellow Mushroom pizza?) in a short.

That’s today, so far. I’m not complaining. The lack of conflict, controversy and rancor is more than welcome. I’m passing today in observing the American political goat screw. It doesn’t change much. Really.

At least I don’t have to change out the barrels on my machine gun.