The drama of The Pinched Nerve has consumed my life for what seems forever, but is only about six weeks.

I’ve done a lot of stuff. Physical Therapy, alternating between ibuprofen and naproxen for pain management, stretching. I told myself I hurt too badly to swim. Finally last Thursday, I went swimming. Friday I swam. Sunday I swam. After some initial discomfort, I started to feel better. I finally began to feel almost as I did before this little episode began.

Another part of the recovery is posture awareness, as I wrote earlier, Stand Up Straight.

I’m in my chair, waiting for the last passenger train, #97, Southbound Silver Meteor, destination Miami, to pass through. 21:16, it’s going through Now. All of the interior lights are on, especially the dining car.

My erotic mind is still in hibernation. That is stirring however.

Sleepy. Later y’all. ❤