Where do I start? The low point, I guess, was Three AM, when I woke up, went downstairs, and sat for awhile. Then I returned to bed, slept til 9:30. Physical therapy was at 10:00 AM. I had already prepared J’s lunch. So I went to PT. It was a bear of a session but I think it accomplished a good deal. There is less pain, both in intensity and frequency.

I ate something for lunch, what I don’t remember. But there were dirty dishes I washed. I cleaned the counters in the kitchen. That needed doing.

I had planned dinner, we had one salmon fillet, (wild caught red sockeye), and some frozen shrimp. So I decided to fix both, with fresh corn and tomatoes; blue cheese dressing on the tomato. I went shopping to get what I didn’t have. I did not buy what I didn’t read or couldn’t use. (Big Victory!). Since this is our eighteenth anniversary weekend, I bought a chocolate fudge pie to celebrate. (Smart move).

Then I went swimming for the second day in a row, first time I did that all month. The swimming helps tremendously.

When I returned, I rested a bit, with ice on the sore shoulder, before I fixed dinner. Dinner was a hit, especially the pie. I washed dishes while watching more Women’s NCAA Softball. These women are all my favorites. I don’t know why, except these athletes seem to be enjoying themselves, rare in sports these days.

I’m watching Thirties Era Cartoons, wacky syncopated movement and all. I might go to bed soon, after the washer is through .