I am looking at a scene in Devon, Dawlish, to be exact, looking at the Brunel Railway. A train just went by, a swift, sleek, Vision Of The Future train.

Quite lovely. It’s a coastal scene. There is the English Channel, some cliffs in the distance, people strolling or cycling on the paved walk below the rails. All very England. Somewhere to the left, off camera, is the “sceptered isle” Shakespeare praised.

I look out at the sea. I’m reminded of what Melville wrote about the sea and bodies of water at the start of Moby Dick. We humans need to look at the sea. We pay big money to do precisely that.

Ever since I found The Magic Of Tidying Up, my house has gotten even messier. That’s probably how we all are. Once I discovered that things aren’t working, the not working part of my life is making its presence more obvious. Were it vocal, Not Working would be screaming.

I can’t decide what to do today, except spend time with J and swim. Definitely swim.

I have heat on my neck and shoulders. I still get “tingles” down my arm. But I will take my problems any day over what other people have to deal with.

My time at the seaside must end. A shower is on the horizon. And brunch. And time spent with my beloved. Later.