I consider this a good day. Did some cooking, using up some stuff that needed preparing. Fixed some black beans which I ate over brown rice. I ate a lot of fruit as my dessert.

I try to stay away from stuff that upsets. My worries about Russo-American relations I must give over to God. We’ve come too far since 1945 to think He will not abandon us or them. Both our nations will find a way to Peace.

I will start the KonMari book tomorrow. The challenge is to engage my wife in the project. We shall see.

With the passing of my brother-in-law, and the pinched nerve, I have put Weight Watchers on hold. But I miss the structure, the food awareness, and the support system.

Here comes Summer. It is roughly seven weeks to the Summer Solstice. We will have the usual routine of Spring & Summer games, golf, tennis, horse racing, baseball, softball. I will go to a Richmond Flying Squirrels game with my son(s). Hopefully both. Life is good.