Cuban Night at the Old Church

The Episcopal Church I attended before I became Catholic does a fundraiser every year, serving a Cuban style meal: roast pork, rice, black beans, platanos (plantains), and a very nice cole slaw, with a very light dressing.

We catch up with old friends and enjoy the delicious food.

My neck/shoulder nerve issues keep me close to home. When I was uncomfortable, we left.

On my return, I found the Russian Orthodox Easter Liturgy on YouTube. The choral music, all done a capella, is simply exquisite. The icons at. Christ The Savior Cathedral in Moscow speak to the soul. The Cathedral was completed in 2000, built on the site of an earlier cathedral destroyed by Stalin at the worst of the Communist persecution.

Rather than lecture on foreign policy, let me say that we know very little about Russia. I would suggest that the Russian threat posed by American politicians is more fear-mongering out of proportion to the actual threat. Make no mistake the Russians possess a serious ability to harm us. But they no more want conflict with us than we do with them.

Tired. Bedtime