Before The Vigil Mass

That’s what the doctors and physical therapists call them. I can swim without discomfort. But standing, sitting, moving my arm in simple tasks, like breaking asparagus in half, or slicing a lemon, forgetaboutit. We’re supposed to go to the Vigil Mass tonight. I have about an hour to get better.

After The Vigil Mass

Traditionally the Easter Vigil Mass contain the Liturgies bringing new Adult Catholic converts into The Church. It lasts seemingly forever, because I guess they want the newbies to see what they are getting themselves into.

If one doesn’t have a pinched nerve, it feels like it lasts a long time. With a pinched the duration morphs to forever. But I made it.

Upon my return home, I applied Tiger Balm liniment, the smell of which reminds me of Church incense. I have heat on the shoulder too. It feels better.

I get to sleep late tomorrow.

Next weekend is Orthodox Easter. In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the Vigil lasts all night and, as an added feature, there are no pews, chairs, or seating of any kind, unless you have a disability or are aged. However, the traditional chanted Liturgy is exquisitely beautiful. There are no Russian Orthodox Churches in Richmond,