That’s right Folks. Allergies are back in Richmond. Truth be told, the pollen stays only until the mold spores can replace them.

In my impressionable youth, there was a commercial for a product called Dristan. It was a decongestant and antihistamine and their slogan was, “It’s like sending your sinuses to Arizona.” At that declaration, a giant suitcase would swoop in, encase (get it?) the allergy sufferer inside of it and presto the sufferer would miraculously turn up in Scottsdale or Tucson or Yuma. Bizarre ,as only pre-hippie America could be.

The shoulder is settling down a bit. I welcome that. I feel actual hope about recovering and feel no remorse about buying all those green bananas at BJ’s the other day. I might actually live to see them ripen.

I’m not quite in the mood for baseball, although NCAA Women’s Softball has my attention.

Life is good. How do I know? It is still a good eight months before we start hearing Frosty The Snowman on the radio again.