Here I am, in the comfy chair. I just watched my Ukrainian guys with the metal detectors. They’ve branched out into trespassing in abandoned factories, which appears to be a pointlessly dangerous activity.

That video concluded I am now watching Nuggetnoggin “mudlarking” in the tidal flats of the Thames at London. Now Nuggetnoggin is magnet fishing with my #1 Youtube Girl crush, Nicola White, of Tideline Art.

Earlier this morning, I watched videos of these open trams going about Blackpool, England. The town looks totally whimsical and charming, unlike any seaside town in The States. We seem to be obsessed with bigger and better, with this relentless urge to be entertained, i.e. stimulated and titillated. The need to be at the seaside has been superseded by this need for entertainment, hence Las Vegas, or Disney World.

I titled this “Cold Shoulder” because I have a cold pack on my shoulder, I can’t figure this shoulder pain out. And I seem to be ratcheting up the drama and significance of every odd ache, pain, and discomfort that I experience.

I’m not going to Mass, because I’m hurting. Even with the cold pack on and after taking two Naproxen capsules, I’m still hurting. I’m hoping a swim will help.

I also read Julie’s posts at Master’s Pleasing Bitch. She is quite sexually unihibited, expresses herself well, and doesn’t let cancer rob her of the joy of living,

This has been my morning so far. Oh, I did have a lovely orange bought in Florida last week and a cup of coffee. I’m currently in love with world, Some fattening pastry would be nice. And a go at the old “slap and tickle”.