I just made a basic mistake all husbands make. I told my wife I would be coming straight home, then proceeded to stop along the way. I stopped off at the store to get something for tomorrow night’s dinner, plus strawberries, whole bean coffee and toilet bowl cleaner.

Then I had to decide between the roast beef or the pork shoulder, which brand of coffee to buy and lastly, how I would make this bowl cleaner purchase, I got excited when I tbought I could get something free if I bought two. So I rushed to the front of the store to check out the flyer that had the coupon. There I discovered the item I actually wanted was excluded in the offer. At that moment I saw that getting something “free” meant spending money on items I did not really need in the first place.

Meanwhile, my wife is wondering where in Heaven’s name I was and that the “be right home” statement was just so much hot air.

Bottom line to husbands, spouses, and members of long term dyads. Don’t do this..