I wore a suit for most of the day. I hadn’t done that in years. To tell the truth, I liked the experience. I wore a tropical wool tan suit, with a black patterned tie,white dress shirt, cordovan shoes. I looked good. I thought I would be inappropriately dressed, not wearing a dark suit. No worries. There were three of us in jackets & ties. This is a Florida retirement community. I could have worn my white sneakers and not been out of place.

The funeral was low key. The reception after was well-attended by Dan’s gardening colleagues. The Villages community has very nice residents, thoughtful and caring. The golf, golf carts, and pickleball (whatever that is) fade into the background.

Tonight we went out to dinner. The local Corvette Club had its members’ cars on display at Lake Sumter Landing. So we got to see these geriatric teenagers show off their rides.

The Villages has a reputation for sexual promiscuity, The Birth Control Culture grew up and old, but is still looking for cock or a piece of tail. That didn’t show up in my take on The Villages. Just kind of a place where old men try to pick up where they left off, before they shipped out to ‘Nam. I can’t much blame them. Our niece, aged 42, and daughter of the deceased, has a similar take on The Villages as I do: Disneyland Without The Rides.

My verdict in The Villages, It’s OK, I suppose.