I am awake. I have been awake for about an hour. I am drinking my coffee and “planning” my day. The word “planning” is inaccurate. I’m sitting here, ready to doze off, watching a WW2 era Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon. The colors are wonderful. There was something about the palette the cartoonists used then or maybe it was the Technicolor¬© processing.

However I digress. This post is really about how I do very little during the day, want to do more, but can’t seem to do too much more than sleep and watch YouTube.

I was joking with J about our “sunset years” this morning as she was getting for work. I spent forty plus years working for the chance to do nothing. Now that I have nothing to do I want to do something. Crazy.

Well Porky Pig is on now, fat, stuttering Porky Pig so endearing with his megawatt smile. This cartoon is in black and white, but the color Porky is such an erotic, fleshy orangey-pink.

In watching cartoons from nearly eighty years ago, I realize people didn’t seem to worry about being “cool” then. They did stuff like use “flit guns”, devices that would spray clouds of insecticide into the air. They wore their “good” clothes on Sunday. They were glad to have jobs. They could buy all their groceries in a store less than half the size of a typical grocery store. Nobody even thought of a “big box” store.

Despite worries about employment and having enough money, the idea of a “consumer” was an alien concept. I was brought up by the people who saw these cartoons at the movies in their first run, along with movies starring Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis. Real movie stars.

Regrettably, I have wasted your time. I realize I have nothing to say. I will try again later,