I am awake. It is 8:52 AM (Eastern Time, North America). This constitutes “normal”, in my opinuon. I am watching film footage of Paris in the 1960’s on You Tube. Nobody is wearing a tee-shirt. Men are wearing suits, women dresses. Today the international uniform style of dress consists of variants on the tee-shirt and denim trousers. For men. For women. The exception is the hijab for women among Islam’s followers.

I was supposed to make pumpkin bread for my Medieval Philosophy study group. It ain’t happening. I don’t even think I will go. I just don’t feel up for it. I need more sleep.

YouTube now features a travelogue about Sweden from 1949. In colour. Seventy years ago. May as well be 700 years.

I need to pack J’s lunch before I go back to bed.

I can now go back to sleep.