Well, I overcame the general ennui and funk of my recent post Waking, Reluctantly yesterday by doing some yardwork that needed to be done. Routine maintenance like lawn mowing and leaf raking is done by the groundskeepers hired by the HOA management company, but the more specialized stuff is done by the resident/homeowner (me). My front garden had mimosa saplings growing in it last year, as well as a Virginia creeper vine that managed to climb up the screen on the living room window. My house had an appearance that was part Dr Seuss, part Addams Family. I was heartily sick of looking at the mess.

My late ex-wife (ex #2) was a gardener by avocation and a good one. I always admired her skill and

Collateral Damage From Yard Work

her passion for the yard. Inspired by her memory, embarrassed by the sorry look, and motivated to do something positive, I put on some old clothes and got to work. Digging out the saplings wasn’t too bad. The ground was wet enough so that simply digging around the saplings got all five of them out. Then a shrub on the end, (species unknown to me) got trimmed a bit. Next I cut back the vine, although I was unable to dig it out. When I get my Social Security money next week, I will get some mulch to put down, plus some hanging baskets, and planters for the front porch.

Now my diligence is being acknowledged by the pain in my arthritic left hip and at my fusion site. The Aleve I took seven hours ago is wearing off. Pride in accomplishment is now tempered by the pain.

Oh well