NSFW Erotic Fiction. Vanilla, Though Hopefully Nielsen-Massey


Flor remembered being escorted from the training room to her bedroom and being put to bed.

As she slept or floated among the worlds of sleeping, wakefulness, dreams, reality, she heard the door open. Through half-open eyes, she saw The Captain walk in. He approached the bed, bent down, and tenderly kissed her left temple.

“Are you awake, Flor?”

“Yes, Sir”

“I want you.” With that admission, he began to undress. He slipped his feet out of the college boy cordovan penny loafers, (with pennies for chrissakes!) Then the black over-the- calf dress socks, (wool, I’ll betcha, thought Flor), Next was the tight-ass White Guy, Brooks Brothers blue cotton oxford button down shirt. (“Are you gonna fold that too or just leave the fuckin’ clothes in a pile?”she thought) Pile. He just let it drop. Next the athletic shirt, aka “wife-beater”. Then the Tight Ass White Guy twill khakis with the crease that looked sharp enough to cut a steak. He was now standing before her in, what else white cotton boxer shorts. This is like a character from a Cheever story getting naked before my very eyes. He even took off his dog tags and his friggin’ watch.

“No watch. Now he’s totally vulnerable!” she thought.

She noticed his erection before he climbed into the bed beside her, pulled her to him, and kissed the nape of her neck.


Something in the back of her mind told her this would be some sort of tender, virginal, love making, Barbie and Ken on Their Wedding Night. But then, he pulled her to her knees so his fingers had access to her nipples, which he pulled, then pinched then pulled again as the tender neck kisses turned to nips with his teeth. His hand moved from her breast to slap her upturned ass, then slapped her hard again. And again. And again to build the burn and the heat. He turned her on her back, kissed her mouth and she responded. He was feeling her quim to gauge its moisture, then his fingers entered her and she ground her cunt into them. He took his hand away, teased her labia with his cock, then thrust in. He draped her legs over his shoulders and pressed in deeply, his hands gripping her ass.

The Captain looked deeply into her eyes, just before she closed them to better feel him take her.

And then her crisis came, as if another kiss, caress or thrust would be too much. And then he came, had his orgasm, filled her with his seed, as the Victorian Porn might have said.

He held her silently, because nothing need be said.