I called the doctor’s office this morning. He had an appointment opening at 10:00 AM, so I scheduled it.

They took me back, got my weight, (185.5 lbs,) my vitals (BP 140/70). Dr S comes in. I tell him I am fatigued by the end of the day. I have very little energy. He listens to my breathing, then says, “You’re wheezing.That means your airways are constricted.” He phones in a prescription for Albuterol, to be inhaled four times a day. I pick it up at the pharmacy, come home, use it. I then go back to sleep.

I’m on the way to feeling better.

Moral of the story. Men, when your wife tells you to go to the doctor, go to the doctor. (You may modify this advice to fit the parameters of your particular relationship.)