Today I feel like crap. Seems like the bronchitis isn’t over and my Friday/ Saturday sleep deprivation did not help.

So today has been a necessary re-set. That doesn’t mean I am happy about that. I want to be swimming. I am so tired I can’t even have a good fantasy.

J and I ended up going to Bob Evans for a late lunch. I had a turkey sandwich. We were reticent to spend the money for Maggiano’s when we were both too tired to even enjoy the experience.

A little while ago, I piled up a lot of my clothes tee-shirts, logo tee’s (mostly from Ebbett’s Field Flannels), long sleeve tee-shirts, underwear (both briefs and boxers), dress shirts, cotton sweaters, and pyjamas.I haven’t started on jeans, trousers, the shirts on hangers in my closet. I also don’t know what fits and what doesn’t. It is daunting. Most of this represents good money spent.

A lot of this clothes buying represents me trying to create a character for myself. I can make a fashion statement, instead of doing hard work like writing or losing weight or swimming. In other words, doing stuff that matters more.

Note To Self: Forgive Yourself (it ain’t booze or dope n which you spent the money.)

This needs to be done. It’s like an enema for the house.