NSFW. Sexual Theme.

She had her back to me as I climbed into the bed. She was naked, thank God. I was too worked up to strip off even her nightgown. I could sense the warmth of her buttocks, my prick found the inviting contour of her ass, wedging into the crack, but too dry to do much more and I was yet to decide if I wanted her delicious and eager cunt, or whether I would claim her anus and, in that crude and primal way, claim her.

She wiggled back, showing interest. I spit in my hand and reached below her belly, parting her cunt lips. I stroked a bit, while I kissed and nibbled her neck, seeking a rhythm to my stroking, while she kept grinding back on me.

I wanted her to want me as badly as I wanted her now.

A game of wanting and longing and teasing and tempo it would be.With my free hand, I spread her ass cheeks,and with a wet finger I pushed against her puckered rose. Just a little. Just enough for her to wonder. Then I stopped, raised her leg, found her slick and open pussy. My cock teased the lips then thrust in, while I frigged her clit.

Put that finger back in my ass. Fill me.”

Her hand found my fingers on her clit. She took to directing them, guiding me making my fingers hers. She increased the tempo.

Yes, yes. Oh shit!

That much I remember. That was all I cared about then.We gave over to feeling and heat. I longed for this to never end.

This moment. Now. Forever.