Wherein I bewail the lingering nature of a common cold and castigate myself for being a mere mortal.

I am sitting here, fearful I will become permanently attached to my rather nice leather recliner with matching foot stool. The cold that began Monday morphed into bronchitis and a general feeling of fatigue. Yuck. I took some Guafenisin and hopefully that will help in clearing my bronchii. It is in the form of a 12 hour combination medicine with pseudoepinephrine, which usually gets me drowsy. We shall see.

I am doing some trainspotting, although most of the trains scheduled to pass through Ashland around this time have already gone by.

My body is in rest and recover mode. I am vain enough to take this a personal defeat. Being sick is not a failure on my part. Why is that so hard to grasp? (Is this a male ego thing?)

I am now going to have fun. Some DVD’s, maybe Maria Beatty’s The Elegant Spanking would be fun. Perhaps, just NC-17 rated Henry and June is in order. I could watch the documentary Paris Was A Woman and limit my viewing to general cultural improvement. First though, CARTOONS!

Later Loves 💘