I did go to AA, then the Y, Swam 2100 meters, put petrol in the motorcar ($1.959/gal @ BJ’s,btw). I drove over to the Dr’s office. He is on the faculty at the local medical school. They relocated from a grungy downtown facility that looked like they stole a blueprint from a Soviet bloc prison to a nice new modern facility, in a nice area with open spaces and trees. And guess what? Parking that was a hassle downtown is a hassle here. Go figure.

Driving home, I picked up a prescription, ate some dinner and a lot of fruit. (Thank you, Weight Watchers).

I watched Wehrmacht (WW2 German Army. Hitler, et al) training films. Still creepy after all these years. I talked w with my elder son, (see earlier post). I also did a load of laundry. I’m trying to conserve water. I’m ready for bed.

Good night Loves 💘