Fell off. From time to time, we all need to go into rest mode. This is one of those times for me. My weight loss progresses well. My swimming has been most satisfying. I have been one who, as my elementary school report card would say, “uses time wisely.”

We all know the problem with the prudent use of time. NO FUN!

I don’t think sleeping qualifies as fun. But sitting around, watching unrewarding shows on YouTube does. By unrewarding, I mean that I can’t make any money off the information obtained from the content. Examples would be Die Deutschen Wochenschau or Brazilian Plus Size Fashion Shows.

After watching about twenty minutes of German propaganda newsreels, it is patently obvious why the civilized world hated the Nazis and dedicated their national purposes to stopping them. Revulsion and disgust still come up almost 80 years after these films were made.

As to plus size Brazilian fashions, very attractive women model very attractive clothes and size doesn’t seem to matter. Guess I need to work on my Portuguese.