I am up. I am watching a Russian language war movie on YouTube. Occasionally a word of dialogue stands out that I understand. I follow the story through the action. The characters appear to be partisans on some endless odyssey.

My feet are cold. It is Dry Skin Season, where the skin dries and cracks, even bleeds for apparently no reason, except that it is cold and dry.

I went to Mellow Mushroom and had a pizza yesterday. We drove to Hanover courthouse, the next county north of Henrico to renew a vehicle license tag, because the wait is shorter up there. It was actually a pleasant ride. On the way back, we stopped at an antique shop to chat with the owner, a 92 year old woman, whom I have known for fifty years, most of my life. Her specialties are postcards and pottery.

Later that evening I helped a friend retrieve his cell phone which he left at a store where he worked that day. He is an intrepid and resourceful man who does not use an automobile. He gets around by walking, bicycle, bus or even train. It has become something of a sport for him.

This wakefulness is typical. I think I will go back to bed. And warm my feet.

Good night Loves.