Every time I miss, skip, or avoid a swimming opportunity I am worried that I will miss the next day and the next and the next. I worry because a good habit like a daily swim can quickly fall off the daily routine. It has happened before.

Today I did go swimming, had a 2500 meter swim. In the shower, post workout, I was talking with Hank, age 75, about the importance of showing up and exercising when one is over 65. Les added his agreement with the importance of showing up. Les will be 82 next week. Next week I will be 68.

Here are three naked old guys in the shower talking about what benefits us at our ages. They had no way of knowing anything more about me, nor I them. Three naked guys showering and talking have no idea what the others’ politics, religion, or any other identifiers are. As important as politics, religion, etc. may be, there are times when they don’t matter.

The Y is about fellowship as much as it is exercise. Three old guys talking in the shower is what fellowship is. Seeing Muslim families or Latino families use the Y puts human faces on the term immigrants. Once again fellowship is illustrated. The name of the game is understanding people different from us. Simple little things make that happen.