I am up, have been about an hour. I am still tired, but sleep was difficult the last hour I was in bed.

I was somewhat excited to get dressed. I have lost so much weight that my jeans are getting loose and baggy. I decided to use the suspenders that go with these loggers jeans. They are very comfortable and I like the look. Yesterday a new pair of flannel boxers came from L L Bean, along with a light blue long sleeve tee-shirt. The L L Bean quality is so good, even with basic stuff like socks and underwear. So I got dressed. Maybe I will do a pic with the flannel boxers one day for all you flannel boxer fetishists.

Here is a picture. It’s not great. I guess I need to get a “selfie stick”.

I am in one of those sensually aware moods where I can feel the effects of working out in my body. I feel a connectedness to things.

It validates my belief that human beings are made to love and to be loved, love beyond physical intimacy, although not downplaying that key aspect of living.

I was going to go to a political breakfast and hear from a state delegate. But I need to save the money because I had to buy new wiper blades. Snow is coming. And ice. And sleet. Snow I can take. Sleet? No.

I swam last night. 2500 meters. It felt great.

I just want to thank everybody who shares their life with me through their blog. It means a lot. I used to just look for whatever erotic titillation I could distill from the entries, but now I read for more, even stuff I don’t want to hear about. I don’t know why.

Blogging creates community, I guess. And, like families, it’s a community that’s about more than ideas and opinions. Something like vulnerability.