I am tired. I fell asleep in an AA meeting for only about five minutes, but it felt like I had slept eight hours. I could fall asleep in a split second, I think I will go to bed, once I finish the episode of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation that I am watching now. It is the episode dealing with the worship of Nature. He discusses Rousseau, Wordsworth, and Turner, the British painter.

It seems to have been a long day, filled with time with my wife. Pleasant enough, I suppose. But her world is cerebral, dry.

I did have a chance to swim. The cold water did its work on me. Though I did only a shorter distance, 1750 meters instead of 2500 meters, my body did feel the work. It woke me up, albeit temporarily.

I wondered aloud tonight why Mickey Mouse is bigger than Pluto, this great anomaly in mouse/ dog proportionality. This observation was made at dinner. My wife admonished me that mice were an unwelcome topic at dinner. C’est la vie.

Her world is devoid of fragrance and colour, style. And I am a romantic, a sensualist. Beauty holds the spark that kindles life. I must take the risk to be a seducer.