I am watching a fashion show on YouTube. A Mexican fashion show, Bendita Tentacion, featuring lingerie. By the appearance on the screen, it’s trashy lingerie. Insomnia creates opportunities one doesn’t normally have if sleeping is what one does at night. This show has a minuscule production budget. Yet it is strangely endearing. These nice Mexican women are expressing their love of Fashion. Gotta love ’em for doing their thing.

I could watch the Brazilian plus size fashions. They are produced by people wanting to sell a lot of clothes to retailers; hence they spend money on professional models, wearing pricier clothes.

This is the magic that is Youtube. If you can send it up to the Internet, somebody will watch it. While these two women are talking, a television screen shows images that may or may not be related to clothes and fashion.

Time for more coffee, decaffeinated, of course. Maybe I will go back to bed. But, let’s be honest here, sleeping can be boring. Nobody in their right mind would be watching a show in a language they don’t understand just because it’s there to be watched. But I watch it. My older brother, were he alive today, would be watching.

Chalk this up to communing with The Dead,

I will have to put my jammies on again, or not. Maybe I will just sleep in my clothes.