Yesterday, 24 December, seemed particularly busy. I did more than I usually do. I went to Confession. I am a great believer in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, (Penance), because it is a chance to let God know that you know that you broke His rules. As a result, things aren’t going all that well. God values honesty and humility. He forgives our selfishness.

Then after getting squared away with The Good Lord, I went shopping at BJ’s to take advantage of some coupon savings, but I still spent a big chunk of money. I’m hoping that Finlandia Butter is worth the extra money, as well as the Irish cheese.

Having taken all the largesse home, and stowed away the frozen foods and other perishables, I went swimming, 2050 meters, in 50 minutes 7 sec. As the report cards used to say “Shows Improvement“. I am grateful for that.

J nd I had dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy. The highlight was watching an eight year old boy in front of us at another table eat, or attempt to eat a bowl of spaghetti and a meatball the size of a baseball. Hilarious. His mother was at the table with him. I assume the youngish female human adult was his mother. But judging from his manners, the little boy may actually be raised by wolves.

When I got back home, I did some laundry, took a nap,and relaxed in general. The highlight was soaking and scrubbing my feet, clipping the nails, and applying some foot cream. They still feel great from that TLC.

Our only agenda item is the 10:00 AM Mass. No family get togethers till Saturday. Maybe my younger son will be by. But it is good to have time with just my wife at Christmas.