NSFW Inappropriate For Minors

The word perverse always puzzled him. He knew there were some things he, or any one else, must never do. Stay away from children or animals, for example.

But right now, with her, in this bed on this night, as their kisses became deeper as she opened her self, thighs spread, labia parted. The lights were even on, albeit soft. There was no needless fumbling, groping, probing. The room was just warm enough, so the ice cube he slid around her nipples achieved the desired effect. His lips reached out to one, encircling it as he flicked the nipple with his tongue.

The warm oil drizzled down her back and he slowly rubbed and stroked her back muscles, as she relaxed under his touch. As his fingers were still slippery, he pressed the rosette of her anus with his index finger. Then another finger, gloved now, slipped in to the first knuckle. She moved her ass back to take more.

The word perverse again crossed his mind as the play intensified with the entry of another well-lubricated digit. Her ass was now up and on display. Her cunt was there for play, and his other hand busied itself with ever more fervent and deeper strokes to build her tension, fuel her crisis. She would trade tonight her dignity for pleasure. She would be, for her lover, vulnerable.

And he did not want this game to end. It was her passion he sought. He wanted to lose himself, if he could, in her ecstasy. The ageless game of give and take today would be his to give, hers to take, receive, absorb, and grasp.

As she collapsed in her satiety, he planted one kiss on the nape of her neck, and then dozed off with her. Morpheus again had conquered Eros.