NSFW Grown-up Stuff

He felt the feeling again, almost as soon as she left. The hunger, the thirst, no, just plain lust for her body and her passion and joy and warmth, opened for him. He loved the way her lips felt when they kissed. It must be the lipstick. Her fingers clawed at his back. He was certain there were marks. Some explaining would be needed at the pool, or maybe his friends would just smile to themselves knowingly.

But the feeling in his cock was his and his alone to savor. What were those muscles called pubogynococcyl or something like that? He had read about them in the magazine he leafed through at the doctor’s office. She must do her Kegels. Well God bless her for that. And that fine ass of hers he grabbed and pulled to him, his shaft nestled so snugly in her quim.

“Beast with two backs.” Right on Billy Shakespeare.