I spent a good part of the day watching President George Herbert Walker Bush’s funeral. It was dignified, and, I believe, an accurate reflection of the man.

After the funeral I went to pay a bill. Then I went swimming. I wasn’t all that eager to go, but I saw that my best time to go was right at that moment. So I went.

I was greatly concerned, about six weeks ago, that I was headed toward some inevitable geriatric decline. But no! It isn’t happening. I have, since October 30, lost eighteen pounds (8.16 KG, or 1.29 stone). I am grateful to weigh under 200lb now.

Swimming today was most gratifying. I swam 2050 meters faster than Monday by a full 2 min 12 sec.

So when I looked at GHWB’s life today, the great lesson for me is that I don’t have to limit my goals or aspirations just because I’m getting older.

The dark phase of this year wherein I “sentenced” myself to be miserable is over. It isn’t worth it. No one is living “rent free” in my head any more.