NSFW    Not appropriate for minors, the emotionally immature, or those lacking imagination.

Marta completed her evaluation.

” I know what I have to work with here. Left to your own devices you have become an indolent wretch, seduced not by a woman, but a recliner, a TV, and a remote control.  You had sense enough to end the booze and reefer without my intervention and you did get your sorry ass back to the pool. But if you want to take your physical fitness and your attitude to the next level, you will accept my tutelage. This is your chance right now to walk away.  If you accept my discipline and methods, you will be fit again, desired again, and, most importantly, you will love yourself.”

She took out her cell phone, pressed one key, a speed dial number obviously, began a conversation of which I was privy to but one end.

“I have a candidate. I’ve used him myself in the past. When he is at peak form, he is vigorous, flexible, and obedient. He is independent, no family. No debt. There’s nobody who will miss his absence. Holidays? I suppose we can send him to his mother’s with an ankle bracelet on, so we can, uh, retrieve him should the need arise. How soon can I expect the van? 15 minutes. He will be ready”

“This is your chance. You can turn me down, put your gym clothes back on, get in your car and drive home. Or you can work with us for the next few months, then see what worlds will open for  you.”

What could I say, but YES.

As the van pulled up the drive, she told me to kneel up. She blindfolded me, placed a velcro collar around my neck.  I heard a sliding door open, a strong hand around my bicep led me up and into the van. It was a simple cargo van. I could feel no seats. 

“Kneel, boy!” I knelt near the bulkhead of the van and felt straps bind my arms behind me as I was secured to a tie-down rail that ran the length of the van. I felt something scratchy on my knees, smelt the smell of straw.

“If you need to piss, just piss, the straw is there for that. It’s a long trip. your bladder and, I dare say,  your bowels might not hold up the whole trip.  Just remember your dignity stays here, along with your clothes.”

Seeing I was secured, the van drove off.