I’m sitting in Kuba Kuba Dos in the West End. I just ordered the same lunch I ordered last week at the original Kuba Kuba down in the Fan. I eat fish on Friday as a penance, but there is nothing penitential about the codfish cake they serve here. And the black bean soup is delightful.

Near me are three young girls roughly between 6 and 10. They are happy, enjoying themseves. They wear their Catholic School uniforms I have come to derive much happiness simply watching children involved in the activities of childhood.

I just addressed a birthday card to a friend of mine who has from time to time treated me rather shabbily. She will be 72 tomorrow. She lives alone with her dog. I figure that could be me in a few years, so I better risk being used and hurt.

The food looks like this. I also took a slice tres leches cake home for wife on her birthday.

I went swimming, finishing 2050 meters. I came home, then went out to dinner to celebrate my wife’s birthday.

Yes. Stuff. Mostly. I have that happiness and satisfaction that comes with doing the things you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.