NSFW. Adult themed.

I showed up upon time, figuring that was the least I could do. She was waiting for me, in the breeze way between the back door and the garage. I was wearing my sweats, cross trainer sneakers. I had no idea what to expect.

“Come in the garage. I’ve made part of it a gym and studio.”


“OK? How about Yes Ma’am?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“You are on time. That much can be said. Let’s start this ….evaluation.”

Marta unlocked the door. I saw that half of the garage had been converted to a combination examination room and gym, with weight machines, two aerobic pieces. a NordicTrack© Skier, and an advanced stationary bicycle. There were the usual anatomical musculature charts on the wall, and a fancy electronic scale.

“We begin by determining what your status is today. When was your last physical with blood work for hyperlipidemia, blood sugar and liver function? Blood pressure of course, too.

“Uh, two years ago.”

I saw her entering data on her tablet.

“Our staff physician will see you soon. I will set the appointment. You will be there. It is at the availability of the busy staff members to accommodate our candidates.”

Suddenly the tone and direction of this meeting was shifting. I was being evaluated. Examined. For what?

“Let’s start with the basics. Body Mass Index and percentage body fat.Why are your clothes still on,boy?”

Suddenly, as if a button had been pushed, she was assuming the role that had characterized our earlier relationship. She was in charge. Again.

And my sweat pants, sweatshirt, shorts, tee shirt were soon in a pile at my now bare feet.

“Lose the jock strap too. Now.”

I was before here naked. She walked around me. The took measurements with skinfold calipers, the ones near my waist and on my thigh, the most embarrassing.

“On the scale there, Tarzan.”

The weight registered in kilograms. She took my height in centimeters.

Finally, she brought out her digital camera and took pictures.

“This is the start of your portfolio. In a few months time. your fitness and appearance will change, improve. Your value to our organization should correspondingly appreciate. At that time, you will have an opportunity to consider.”

End Part 4