Thank Heaven this election is over.   The full out assault on the intellect and the raw emotional pandering was more than I could handle. Party affiliation is irrelevant. This is is how the politics game is played these days.  Absent any real religious or spiritual connections that characterize our culture today, politics serves to give a veneer of cosmic right and wrong to our lives.  My beliefs are those of ultimate good. the politicians I like are the warriors of virtue. The other guys, the opposition,  in our polarized little universe, are the bad guys. They can burn in Hell, if we believed there was a Hell.

I gave up on The News years ago. It is all manipulation and propaganda.  So how do we find out what is factual, what isn’t?  I don’t know.  That’s the vexing part.  Consider that we have Congress Members who don’t even read the bills they vote on, and it doesn’t matter whether the Congress Member/Slacker is one we support or not. That is dysfunctional.

I was watching the line at the polls the other day. Our congressional race was close.  There was nothing that indicated who the voter was going to vote for just by looking at them superficially. And if we opened up their body cavities , we could not identify their political affiliation, and surgically excise it.

Maybe a little more tolerance is in order.  And the more we dislike a given politician, the more we should accept the people we know who support that politician.  And I specifically mean the people we know that like whom we consider the “bad guys”.  We all get manipulated into hating and the more virtuous you think you are, the more susceptible you are to manipulation. Think about that.