I amazed even myself with that spate of writing Saturday. The S/M themed story is coming along nicely in head. But, gosh darn it, you gotta put the story up on the blog.

What’s got my attention of late are my Doctors’ appointment, orthopedic surgeon Tuesday, internist Wednesday. My big concern is my back. It has been three years since the fusion, and possibly my spine has deteriorated further. I’m thinking physical therapy is all that’s needed, at least I hope that’s all.

I’ve had a bit of pain the past few days, what I call persistently nagging, rather than sharp. I’ve been using my cane and I’ve had a few scares that I might tip over. Balance issues are at the heart of it.

My sexuality is reawakening and I feel especially connected to J, my wife. Time to be assertive. There is an old AA saying, “A person is responsible for the effort, not the outcome.”

So that’s about it.