The First Friday/Saturday of the month brings Nocturnal Adoration. Since my insomnia can easily have me up at Four AM, that is the time for my Holy Hour. I sit, meditate, pray The Rosary. It is a time for contemplation.

Much as it is rewarding for me, I feel it the next day. I have had a couple of naps. When Mrs CorC? woke up, I decided to fix breakfast/brunch. Having a brunch ready preemptively means we don’t go out and spend an absurd amount of money for a meal not that much better than what I can fix at home.

The selection today was a savory breakfast crêpe with a mushroom, bacon, cheese filling. I use the Fannie Farmer Cookbook recipe. I think it’s the most recent edition, put together by Marion Cunningham. It is a simple batter. The trick to a thin crêpe is to use very little batter (2 tablespoons) per crêpe. The brunch was well-received. I think we would have spent $25-30 easily going out.

I’m sitting now. Tired finally. The clean-up kicked my butt. Now I’m watching the end of the Yankees/Indians game. Yankees won, winning 14 of their last 15.

Honesty Advisory:

I find cooking highly erotic. The tactile experience, the smells, tastes, and, most importantly, the shared experience of eating with my lover. I can even forget the absence of a sexual component to our marriage.

I am always reminded of the marvelous film Babette’s Feast. A Parisian chef uses her lottery winnings to prepare an unforgettable meal for the Danish sisters who gave her a home during a political exile. It is from a story by Isak Dinesen.

So I will swim later. I have not been swimming consistently for a while. It is good to go back. I literally am working through the grief of a lost friendship.

A little passion would go a long way toward working through this pain.